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Alright, this will be my biggest, and probably most ambitious, fanfic project I've decided to take on to-date. I've decided, after much consideration and bouncing ideas back and forth with my beta, [ profile] redcirce, that the story I wanted to tell in 4,000 words was really something that needed to be multiplied ten-fold...or something like that. And, seeing as it had been an entry for an open challenge at TTU, which has now started back up again, I decided to play around with it, see what I could come up with.

And come up with something I did. It has no name (although previously I had called it "Always the Same"), it's a Five/Rose fic, with bits of Ten/Rose as bookends, and it's mostly a love story. Filled with adventure, as all long Doctor Who stories must have, brimming around the edges.

The Plot Bunny: Rose and the Doctor (Ten), land on a planet to find a failing component to the TARDIS. While he goes off in search of it, he lets Rose hang around the nearest town for a while, chatting it up with the locals, shopping, doing anything but the tedious chore he needs to do (for it is a tedious one). When Rose leaves the town four hours later, she hears the familiar, yet different, sound of the TARDIS landing. Investigating why the Doctor would be leaving right now, she finds a slightly faded blue box in a different corner than where they had left the TARDIS. Decideding to head back home, Rose heads in and finds three people that shouldn't be there: a sour-looking bloke, a woman, and a tall man with blonde hair and a piece of celery attached to his overcoat.

When they noticed her, the blonde-haired man came up to her, held out his hand, and said, "Hello, my name's the Doctor. And, although you are welcome aboard my TARDIS any time of day, might I ask who you are and how you got here?”

What To Expect: Adventure, romance, companions being awesome, TARDIS malfunctions, Five being adorkable (I love Five!), Rose having to deal with the consequences of time, and perhaps a few old foes we all know and love from the Classic (and New) Series. Might even throw in a few episode AUs into the mix (The Five Doctors would be hilarious to explore). And, through all of this, Five and Rose get closer and closer to each other until, finally, Rose realises that, no matter the Doctor, he's always the same Time Lord and she's always the same Rose...even if he does wear a celery this time around.

(As an aside: yes, I know Rose has gone through a regeneration with the Doctor before, but this is a Classic Doctor, hence the need for real distinction. Plus, I never think she understood that part, particularly if...well, I'll leave it there for now. :P)

A sample of my idea, somewhat polished )

Although this bit may or may not be used in its entirety (and it probably needs another go-over if it were to be included), you get the feel of what I'm going for in this new fic. Hopefully, some of this tickles your fancy but, if not, I'll still try and work on some smaller, different project while I'm at it. I've got a small bunny for Dr. Horrible brewing somewhere too. Then there's always TTU, a couple of WIPs I have on my HD, another Five series I've thought of, and my back-up fic I'm saving for an emergency.

Well, at least I'm excited for this new project and, in the end, that's all that counts. Plus, it gets these bunnies out of my head. They keep chewing on the wires, you see...


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