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Title: Drowning All Over Again
Author: [ profile] redknightalex
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: R
Characters: TenII/Rose, Pete Tyler, Jackie Tyler
Warnings: None
Spoilers/Setting: After JE
Word Count: ~2,390 words
Disclaimer: Oh, these get old.
Summary: The Doctor didn't understand the significance of a third date; he must have missed that section of class in Humans 101. But when Rose wanted to date -- to go out to eat, to see the movies, to go the fair -- who was he to ever argue? If only his palms would stop sweating.

Author's Note: Written for [ profile] then_theres_us Challenge 81: Just photos.

Drowning All Over Again (At TTU)
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Title: A Wonderful Paralysis
Author: [ profile] redknightalex
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13
Characters: AU Nine (John Smith)/Rose
Warnings: Some bloody imagery
Spoilers/Setting: N/A
Word Count: ~2,280 words
Disclaimer: I owe nothing, make no profit, and all that jazz. Don't sue me, basically
Summary: He doesn't know where he is, who he is, or who he ever has been. All he does know is the breeze of the wind flowing in the trees, the absence of all feeling below the waist, and a woman with hair as bright as the sun.

Author's Note: Written for [ profile] then_theres_us Challenge 79: AU.

A Wonderful Paralysis (At TTU).
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Title: The Last Act of Living is Dying
Author: redknightalex
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Ten/Rose, established relationship
Warnings: Character Death
Spoilers/Setting: Series 2
Word Count: 1,000
Disclaimer: I own nothing. The BBC and other creative forces own these characters. I just play around with them.
Summary: In the end, you always run out of time.

Author's Notes: Written for challenge 1 at [ profile] doctor_rose_las, prompt “something borrowed.” I had to edit out around 300-400 words to twiddle it down to 1,000 words exactly (the limit) but it somehow worked.

Originally posted here.

How ironic that they would be brought together by the aftermath of his own struggles only to be torn apart by the same destructive mechanisms that he had once created. )


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