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Alright, this will be my biggest, and probably most ambitious, fanfic project I've decided to take on to-date. I've decided, after much consideration and bouncing ideas back and forth with my beta, [ profile] redcirce, that the story I wanted to tell in 4,000 words was really something that needed to be multiplied ten-fold...or something like that. And, seeing as it had been an entry for an open challenge at TTU, which has now started back up again, I decided to play around with it, see what I could come up with.

And come up with something I did. It has no name (although previously I had called it "Always the Same"), it's a Five/Rose fic, with bits of Ten/Rose as bookends, and it's mostly a love story. Filled with adventure, as all long Doctor Who stories must have, brimming around the edges.

The Plot Bunny: Rose and the Doctor (Ten), land on a planet to find a failing component to the TARDIS. While he goes off in search of it, he lets Rose hang around the nearest town for a while, chatting it up with the locals, shopping, doing anything but the tedious chore he needs to do (for it is a tedious one). When Rose leaves the town four hours later, she hears the familiar, yet different, sound of the TARDIS landing. Investigating why the Doctor would be leaving right now, she finds a slightly faded blue box in a different corner than where they had left the TARDIS. Decideding to head back home, Rose heads in and finds three people that shouldn't be there: a sour-looking bloke, a woman, and a tall man with blonde hair and a piece of celery attached to his overcoat.

When they noticed her, the blonde-haired man came up to her, held out his hand, and said, "Hello, my name's the Doctor. And, although you are welcome aboard my TARDIS any time of day, might I ask who you are and how you got here?”

What To Expect: Adventure, romance, companions being awesome, TARDIS malfunctions, Five being adorkable (I love Five!), Rose having to deal with the consequences of time, and perhaps a few old foes we all know and love from the Classic (and New) Series. Might even throw in a few episode AUs into the mix (The Five Doctors would be hilarious to explore). And, through all of this, Five and Rose get closer and closer to each other until, finally, Rose realises that, no matter the Doctor, he's always the same Time Lord and she's always the same Rose...even if he does wear a celery this time around.

(As an aside: yes, I know Rose has gone through a regeneration with the Doctor before, but this is a Classic Doctor, hence the need for real distinction. Plus, I never think she understood that part, particularly if...well, I'll leave it there for now. :P)

Eventually, she got that time alone with the Doctor.

It was late, Turlough and Tegan were sleeping quietly in their rooms, and as much as Rose was exhausted from the day's events, from the weeks she had been missing from her own Doctor, she found an irresistible pull towards this fair-haired one, with a smile so infectious and an arrogance so humble, she couldn’t help but seek him out. Even if she had planned this long before now, to find him and corner him alone, she still found herself nervous at the prospect.

She found him, as all Doctors must do, working on the TARDIS. His head covered by the console, his feet jutting out from underneath it, and he was humming a tune. It was a delightful one, probably an old one he had picked up somewhere, and around tired eyes, she smiled. No matter what face he might sport, or what colour hair he might grow, or the type of his trainers, the Doctor was always going to be the Doctor.

Well, almost always that is.

Rose cleared her throat and, with a bang against the bottom of the console, the Doctor was startled from his repairing reverie. A muffled “ow” escaped his lips.

“Oh!” Rose exclaimed, bending down to offer her hand to the Doctor who was rubbing the top of his head gently. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Ah, well,” he began, standing up slowly, “that’s quite alright. I really should have heard you coming.”

Rose smiled harder at him. “I was meaning to be silent, the others are asleep.”

The Doctor nodded his head, arm falling gently to his side, as he studied his other hand, still grasped lightly by Rose. For some odd reason, one that he himself could not fathom, he found that he had no desire to let it go. In fact, holding her hand had a calming effect. Holding this warm, slightly sweaty, with a higher than normal pulse, beating hand gave him great comfort and he twined their fingers together like it was the easiest thing in the universe. Her fingers threaded willingly with his leaving them standing there, in the middle of the console room, hands linked together for, in many ways, the first time.

“You,” Rose began yet when she found her throat tight and dry, cleared it out and licked her lips. “You aren’t used to holding hands, are you?”

The Doctor, never tearing his eyes away from the site of his hand linked with hers, shook his head. Instead of responding, he began to count the beats he felt against his own palm. The longer they stood there like this, the faster hers became and the slower he felt his. Who was she and what was she doing to him?

He glanced back at her, her face contented and sleepy eyes shining gently at him. Although her face was about as young as Nyssa's had been, her eyes were something else entirely, holding a language, a code, that even he could barely scratch the surface of. This woman, this “Lily” as she so called herself (a name which he didn't believe), was much more than she appeared to be. This effect she had on him, one that he hadn’t felt in so long that he wondered if he had ever felt it to begin with, had him taking both of her hands and rubbing small, neat, circular patterns into them.

He had almost fixed the TARDIS enough to send her back to her original time, to the exact spot she needed to be in to find her own Doctor, one twice as far ahead of things as he was, and one that she seemed to be more than fond of. Yet still, the way she looked at him made his hearts stop for the briefest of moments. Perhaps there was something in him that reminded her of his newer self. He was, in fact, the sum of his collective parts, his memories, his instinct so why would she not find something familiar within him? Could he be that much different in the future?

Rose watched this Doctor think, knowing her own so well that the ideas and thoughts dancing around in his mind, he so deep in thought, were being etched clearly across it. With a slight catch in her throat where the air could no longer pass the lump that had formed, she watched him, almost unconsciously, take her other hand. She wanted to close her eyes and feel the patterns he drew on her skin with his thumbs, but she stood still, eyes now wide open, and stared at him.

For countless moments, the Doctor and Rose looked at each other, bodies almost touching, hands entwined at their sides (although her elbows had to bend, slightly, to accommodate his height, as always), each afraid to break the silence. They both knew what awaited them at the end.

Eventually, the Doctor spoke. “I fixed the TARDIS,” he whispered, not knowing why he spoke so low. When was the last time he had whispered so? “She’s ready to take you back to your own time, to find your own Doctor.”

Rose nodded, her eyes moving down to watch as their hands start to play teasingly with each other. It seemed silly and confusing, mental and curious, completely mad and utterly true all at the same time that she was loathe to leave this Doctor when hers was unknowingly waiting for her, looking for her when she had never left his side. She never wanted to leave either of them and yet she knew that she had to go back. This wasn’t her time, this wasn’t her place, this wasn’t her Doctor.

But oh did this Doctor, the one right before her, feel so much like him that the lines were blurring and yet becoming clearer each passing moment. That's the problem with regenerations, it appeared.

“Ok,” Rose said, her voice just as quiet as his had been. “Will you take me in the morning? I’d like to say goodbye to Turlough and Tegan before I leave.”

The Doctor smiled, his face brimming both with joy and sadness. This Doctor, Rose thought, not yet scarred by the Time War, had already found that perfect mixture of love and pain, painted across his face as if he could never wash it off. This Doctor had already lost something, had already felt the pain of death too close to home, but instead of letting himself dwell on it, he let himself tuck it away inside of his coat, hoping that no one would see it. But those who knew, who knew him, saw it clear as day.

Then, with a rush that came from the very edges of her mind, she pulled the Doctor towards her and kissed him.

His lips, cool as expected, were pliant and soft, and when she touched them, they molded to her. He never precisely kissed her back, his eyes wide and becoming decidedly crossed, but he never pulled away either, so when she did she found a confused Doctor looking back at her, mouth agape and eyes large.

About to apologize for her mistake, for her lapse in judgment, for everything that she had gotten both the two of them but all four of them into, she was stopped by the spread of a beaming smile across his face, and this time there was only joy.

“Rose,” he said, the name rolling off of his tongue like a newly discovered language rich with flavour and excitement.

Surprise registered clearly on her face at the sound of her real name, and as she began to tell him that he must forget it, forget her before all of time made a sudden shift, he smiled even harder (if that were possible).

“It’s alright, Rose,” the Doctor began, his goofy smile beginning to reassure her, slowly creating one that lit up her own face as well. “I’ll always remember you but I do have a tendency to forget the, well, big details.”

Rose chuckled, wondering exactly what he meant by that and yet figuring that their time was too short for stories of this nature. “As long as nothing changes,” she tried to reaffirm her placement in his future life.

The Doctor shook his head, the light strands of hair moving slightly, “I hope nothing ever will.”

Just as he bent down to kiss her again, to feel and taste her for perhaps the last time in this life, he breathed gently across her lips. The words he spoke she could hardly hear over the hum of the TARDIS and the loud beating of her pulse in her ears, but she could make out the very last of it.

“You taste of time and spice and a dash of love. It’s delightful.”

Then, with one hand dropping hers to tangle in her hair and one pulling her body flush with his, he kissed her again, except this time with more passion and hesitancy, with more flourish and fear, with more of him and more of her, with all of the things that made him who he was and, more importantly, of all the things that made them who they were, no matter which Doctor it was.

And when she tasted him, she found that he tasted of summer breezes and cool shades, of corn stocks and fields of hay, of time and space, of passion and love, and she drank from him as if from an overflowing cup, never wanting to leave, never wanting to let him, never wanting to let them go.

So they kissed until she was breathless and he only panting slightly. Although their time was running short, the grin he still wore happily upon his face told her all she needed to know. Time was, essentially, relative, and they had it all here, at their fingertips, ready to be seized.

Rose found her fingertips itching.

Although this bit may or may not be used in its entirety (and it probably needs another go-over if it were to be included), you get the feel of what I'm going for in this new fic. Hopefully, some of this tickles your fancy but, if not, I'll still try and work on some smaller, different project while I'm at it. I've got a small bunny for Dr. Horrible brewing somewhere too. Then there's always TTU, a couple of WIPs I have on my HD, another Five series I've thought of, and my back-up fic I'm saving for an emergency.

Well, at least I'm excited for this new project and, in the end, that's all that counts. Plus, it gets these bunnies out of my head. They keep chewing on the wires, you see...
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