Jun. 28th, 2020

knightsfalling: ([DW] Ten Looking Down)
To make things simpler in my life, I've ([livejournal.com profile] redknightalex) decided to create a stand-alone fic journal that will encompass all of my fic. This is a multi-fandom journal although, to-date, I've recently been working on a lot of Doctor Who fics.

Until I get everything sorted and moved over, you can find my masterlist of fics here (at my main journal). I also have a thread of plot bunnies, which is very much out-dated and in need of some repair, which you can find here, also at my main journal. All new and forthcoming fics and plot bunnies will be posted here, including writing updates.

If you wish to know more about me, the author, I try to keep an extensive and updated profile that will tell you pretty much all you need to know about me. That you can find here.

Sorry for the mess but, hopefully, things will come along smoothly and the writing will start pouring out of my fingertips like water from a dam kept closed for too long. My muse is back.

Update as of 1/9/11: About three-quarters of my fics have been moved and, as stated, all new fics are posted here.


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