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Title: Controlling Fate
Author: [ profile] redknightalex
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13 (see warnings)
Pairing/Characters: Adelaide Brooke, the Doctor, crew of Bowie Base 1
Word Count: 650
Setting: “Waters of Mars” only
Warnings: Suicide. It's obvious from the end of the episode but thought I'd give you another heads-up anyway.
Disclaimer: If only I were this brilliant...this all belongs to the BBC and TPTB.
Summary: Adelaide Brooke was always in control of her fate and, even if it faltered for a minute, she still made her last choice.

Author's Notes: Something quick I wrote down after rewatching the episode. No beta so all mistakes are of my own making.

Originally Posted here.

Since she was young, on that fateful day, Adelaide Brooke had always been in control of her own fate. She had to as there was one else but for her guardians, her school work, and her career. She focused, she trained, she pushed onwards until she got what she wanted: a colony. On Mars. A team, a good team, a working team, and a dream come true. She was a woman of her own design.

They worked together, lived together, fought and laughed together, as a team, as a unit, with her in control. She gave everyone the respect they deserved -- nothing more and nothing less – and for 17 months it had worked out brilliantly. She was searching the stars, reading them, playing them out with her fingertips when she laid awake in her bunk at night, and dreamt with eyes wide open of all the things that were to come.

Then the Doctor had arrived, looking for “fun,” and her control had slipped through her fingers. From the moment he had landed on that planet, mysterious and frazzled, she had lost everything that ever was of any value to her. She never truly realized it until after the events had unfolded, after she had tried her best to regain what she had lost, and put herself into history.

Condition 5 was not something she feared: it was always that one possibility and death itself was no stranger to her. Space, being out here, in the heat and the cold, was no easy feat. Death was a constant companion wherever she went. She understood it, her team understood it, and after so many had looked it in the eye and perished, the Doctor seemed content to let that go by unnoticed.

When she had set those controls, when she had put in her command codes and set the condition, she looked coolly back at the Doctor. He was angry, she could tell, and determined to get them out of there alive, somehow, someway, with his infinite knowledge way beyond a normal human should have. For a moment, she watched him work before the magic came in the form of a strange, blue box.

It was straight out of the book of a fairy tale. A hero rescues the stranded ones and pulls them safely to shore. Yet this was no shore, no refuge, no home. He might have brought them back to Earth but he had returned them broken.

Words were exchanged. She was furious at him for taking away the one thing she had, the one thing she had only wanted, that any of them had wanted: their legacy. And yet he had no sympathy for her, the last of her crew, or even for the future of countless species. He only cared about himself, about proving something to a people long gone by, that he could change the universe with the shake of a screwdriver.

It was wrong. History, lives, the entire universe would change, in some drastic way, and all because of him. What doctor would do this? Whatever happened to do no harm? This was all so terribly, horribly wrong.

So she did the only thing she could do, the one thing she had to do, and yet it was never out of spite, or revenge, or even anger. She only knew what had to be done, according to a Doctor that first set foot upon her base, one she had trusted, and not the one that came in after him, the slightly deranged individual of no moral standing.

She needed to die. Today.

The metal of the gun was cold against her temple. She knew the laser inside would melt her brain almost instantaneously, leaving little room for error or pain, yet still she took a deep breath before pulling the trigger.

This was her control, this was her life, and this was her fate.
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